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Style-stealing. Everyone does it. We've plugged into the past and pulled together some of the last century's sassiest eras for your style-stealing pleasure. Let's start things off with a bang with some stunning Art Deco wedding theme ideas...

Style-stealing. Everyone does it; and when it comes to your wedding day, you’ll want style that’s been tried and tested before; that’s why we’ve plugged into the past and pulled together some of the last century’s sassiest eras for your style-stealing pleasure. Let’s kick things off with a bang with some stunning Art Deco wedding theme ideas inspired by the roaring twenties: glamour, excess, and sparkle – what’s not to love?!


Dresses & Suits

Gatsby, cocktails and decadence aside, the ’20s are probably best known for its fashion. Dropped waist dresses with capped sleeves, lace and embroidery for the girls, and form-fitting three-piece suits with bow ties and bowlers for the boys. And accessorise heavily – as long as you’re being excessive you’re doing it right.

Food & Drink

There was one standout movement from the ’20s that encompassed art, architecture, typography… and that was Art Deco. So use this as inspiration for your wedding cake – geometric patterns in sophisticated palettes of monochrome and golds and bronze – it will look almost too good to cut into. And don’t forget – no 1920s wedding would be complete without a champagne tower!


A big signifier of the 1920s are fonts such as Grenadier and Coventry Garden, so don’t miss a trick: incorporate them into your wedding in everything from the invitations to the order of service to the seating plan. Stick to a monochrome colour palette, flush it with gold (gold spray will be your new best friend) and bronze accents – and remember: excess, excess, excess!

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