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She has made the perfect wedding cakes for Kate Moss and Stella McCartney, celebration cakes for Sir Elton, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Madonna, Damien Hirst and many other A-list names, and has won countless awards for her exquisite creations; simply put Peggy Porschen is the leading bespoke wedding cake company and one of the most sought after cake-makers in the business.

We asked Peggy to reveal her wedding cake trends, and discovered that it’s all in the detail

…the little things

I find my clients are increasingly requesting personalised touches to their cakes, for example my clients are bringing in swatches of lace fabric from their dress which I can then recreate in sugar and decorate the cake with.

Others bring in a grandmother’s broach which I incorporate into the cake design.

I love the sentimentality of these little one-of-a-kind personal touches and the cake is such a fun way for a couple to incorporate something special to them on the day.


…tradition with a personal twist

There is certainly a trend towards the traditional tiered cake; couples are opting for elegant and understated designs which display detailed craftsmanship and skill.

Flowers, of course, remain very popular; I find a lot of couples ask for a bouquet of different blooms as opposed to one flower and one colour.


…size matters

I have noticed that mainly it is size and shape that is changing, cakes are becoming more contemporary and architectural in structure and designs are less fussy and more graphic with lots of pearls and swags and tiers with varying heights and shapes.


…sweet variety

The trend towards dessert tables is growing and will continue to do so, with couples opting for lots of yummy little bites and bakes rather than just one large cake alone.

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Peggy Porschen Perfect Wedding Cake

Discover more about Peggy Porschen and get in touch to discuss your personal wedding cake requests.

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