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Add a layer of romantic whimsy to your wedding's aesthetic by making a floral heart or oasis arrangement. Our step by step DIY floral heart tutorial will show you how...

The detail is what sets weddings apart; and thankfully there are lots of beautiful detailing that you can bring to your wedding without having to spend a fortune. Classic hydrangeas, for example, change colour like magic with green autumnal tones combining with blues, purples or reds. Hydrangeas are also strong and last well in the vase, so why create an added layer of romantic whimsy to your wedding’s aesthetic by making a floral heart or oasis arrangement? Our friends at Hydrangea World have created this tutorial to show you how to create your own DIY floral heart.

What you’ll need:

  • hydrangea stems (and lots of them)
  • 1 x heart-shaped oasis floral foam panel
  • sharp scissors
  • alum


  1. Cut your hydrangea stems and sit them in water (with flower food) for 24-48 hours.
  2. Soak the oasis in water face down; let is soak naturally and be sure not to push it down.
  3. Suspend your wet oasis from a bar or hook that will allow you to access it from both sides. Water will drip, so place something beneath the oasis to catch the water.
  4. Now you are ready to add your hydrangeas. Take your first stem, strip the leaves from it, and cut the stem to the depth of your oasis foam panel.
  5. Dip the stem into alum and insert the stem into the panel.
  6. If you would like to break up the flora with some foliage, repeat step 5 with some leaves.
  7. Once all your blossoms are in place, saturate them with a professional floral moisture-locking spray like Floral Life Quick Dip 100, which will help keep the flowers looking fresh for longer.
  8. Extra tip: Keep them hydrated! Gently place lightly moist paper towels over the flowers the day before to help keep them moist (dehydration is fatal), and on your wedding day, ask someone to sprinkle the petals lightly with a plant spray every now and again.

This feature was written as an advertorial in collaboration with Hydrangea World.

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