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Jason Mitchell Kahn, from award-winning event planners, Shiraz Events, reveals how he went about styling the Art Deco Wedding of Alex and Justin...

Jason Mitchell Kahn, from award-winning event planners, Shiraz Events, reveals how he went about styling the Art Deco Wedding of Alex and Justin.

“When Alex and Justin came to Shiraz Events to plan their wedding, they had a very clear vision for their special day: Art Deco Glam! We drew inspiration from The Great Gatsby, and adapted that style to best fit a wedding day for two grooms.

“The colour palette for everything was gold and black.


“While the venue of One Whitehall Place isn’t necessarily a throwback to the Roaring Twenties, it’s ideal for a wedding due to having five rooms next to each other on one floor. This layout allowed guests to move from room to room and for us to create a new experience within each one.

“Guests entered the Meston Suite complete with Lucite chairs, candle-filled lanterns, and a masculine chuppah.”


“After the grooms recessed to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” all guests headed to the Library for cocktail hour and dinner.”


“We created one large U-shaped table adorned with candleabras, votives and tall feather arrangements.”


“We also erected a vintage bandstand and stage for singer Matthew Van Kan to croon to the guests over dinner.”


“Once they cut their art deco cake we moved guests one last time.

“The Reading and Writing Room held the dance floor, photo booth and tufted lounge furniture including the throw pillows with their initials of ‘A’ and ‘J.’”


“Most guests commented on how they had never seen a wedding designed like this.

“Our goal was to tell Alex and Justin’s love story through their wedding, and we quoted F. Scott Fitzgerald in their ceremony program: ‘I want to know you moved and breathed in the same world with me’.”

View Alex and Justin’s art deco wedding video

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