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Baroque style developed in the 1600s and is all about decadence and grandeur. Do crave an affordable, but lavish wedding? Take a look at our Baroque wedding theme inspiration board for ideas.

Do you get caught up in the decadent romanticism of Marie Antoinette and Antonio Vivaldi? Then a Baroque wedding might just be for you.

Defined as an artistic style that uses exaggerated motion to create decadence and grandeur, it developed from Rome in the 1600s.

With Baroque as the foundation of your wedding, you will be able to run and run with your decadent fantasies and have the lavish wedding of your dreams.



Location is important for a Baroque wedding, find a country house or hall with Baroque architecture and you’re laughing.

However, if a marquee is more your style or all that is available to you then fear not, with some clever styling you may as well be in Versailles.

Think chandeliers, voluminous flower arrangements, pastel pinks and blues for fabrics and gold highlights for tableware and furniture.


You really get to have some fun with your cake decoration, but you will need to find a highly skilled baker.

You want a many-tiered, highly crafted and intricate creation, just remember more is more!

Brides and Grooms

It’s up to you how literally you want to take the theme when it comes to your outfits, you can go full-scale Renaissance costume or create a modern take on the look.

If you’re going to update it then just remember to focus on the detailing. An intricately backed dress will look stunning, or how about a cheeky nod to the theme with a saint printed suit.


Take inspiration from Classical Art, and have a lot of fun and use this as a chance to be experimental. Calligraphy is also a perfect fit.

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