13+ Outside the Box Garden Wedding Ideas

What could be more British than a good old fashioned Garden Party?! With flowers in full bloom, the Pimms on ice, and the holiday season putting everyone in a good mood the garden makes for a perfect setting for a summer wedding. Gardens have always been magical in so many ways. They serve as good … Read more

6 Inspiring Rainbow Wedding Ideas To Add Colour To Your Wedding

The rainbow, a symbol of hope and renewal, is certainly having a moment in 2020. And during the coronavirus pandemic, the rainbow has recently become a beacon of hope, as well as denoting the gratitude felt by a nation towards our wonderful NHS doctors and nurses. Of course, the rainbow has long since been symbolic … Read more

Wedding Colours for 2019

Complementing the evocative Living Coral, this year’s Pantone colour trends can do just about anything. Working in many forms, from lighting, clothing, tableware or even balloons, they can spice up your wedding, transforming it tonally to fit with whatever sort of vibe you’re going for. Living Coral This year’s granddaddy of colour tones, the vibrant, … Read more