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Successfully budgeting for your wedding is all about compromise and focus. Work out your priorities to save on less important aspects of your day. To help, we've put together this chart so you can visualise what and where you'll need your budget for...

Staring at a blank screen wondering where on earth you begin to plan your wedding?

Fear not, the generous folk at the Wedding Handbook are giving you the chance to plan your wedding using their brilliantly comprehensive book at half its usual price.

This paper planner is available as either an A5 ring binder or slightly larger B5 spiral-bound planner and has everything from budgeting spreadsheets to scrap-book space for brainstorming decor and wedding clothes ideas, guest list planning and seating arrangements.

Get started with our wedding budget graphic below, and then download the Wedding Handbook’s free wedding budget planner at the bottom of the page.

Download the Wedding Handbook’s Budget Planner for male couples or for female couples

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